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S3Bubble is excited to introduce Streamium. This Theme is ideal for any budding directors and filmographer’s who are looking to showcase and sell their work. Streamium, like Netflix, is a subscription service making it perfect for anyone with an abundance of video content just waiting to be shared with your following of adoring fans.. If you need support with this theme, please go to

Wordpress is the leading CMS, powering over 30% of the web with 75 million users.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud platform with millions of users worldwide.

Roku Smart TV now has 20 million users.

S3bubble connects these three powerful tools together with a ‘pay as you go’ pricing model. Start your service now without huge setup fees.

Roku Direct Publisher

Search for the Streamium Channel on Roku to see our example channel

Latest Release


Theme Demo

Theme Demo

Installation & Setup

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To install the theme via github navigate into your theme folder and run

cd wp-content/themes/

git clone

You can then simply run

git pull

to update

Developers Wanted

To run the developer environment

Navgiate into the streamium theme folder and run

npm install

After your node_modules folder has been created you can now run


You can edit files in the dist folder please submit your pull requests

Change Log

All Changes can be reviewed on our releases page

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